Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bay Bridge Lights

The world's largest LED sculpture is right on San Francisco's own Bay Bridge. Artist Leo Villareal created this 25,000 light project.  An amazing work of art has been created for the masses.  Finally the Bay Bridge gets some positive recognition... no longer the "red headed stepchild" of the bridges!

And Gotta Love the Awesome GoPro Captures...

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Monday, April 1, 2013

Sutro Tower

Rainbow at Twin Peaks

I would like to think I get inspired .... But this weekend my Dad pointed out that it might be a bit crazy... To clammer, run, maybe even dive for "THE SHOT".  The inspiration this weekend: a rainbow at Twin Peaks.  A mad dash up the hill with a kid on one hip, the other holding my hand, my 20lb camera bag and my Dad trailing behind.... all to get the shot.

Worth it? Maybe. Fun? Definitely. Crazy? - - - TBD.

Monday, January 7, 2013

16th Avenue Tiled Steps in HDR

It's places like the 16th Avenue tiled steps, that make me fall in love with San Francisco all over again.  I had opened up this envelope 3 weeks ago. Quite honestly I wasn't too excited. I have photographed tiles...   I didn't think I could find much inspiration in a few flights of stairs. I was delightfully wrong.

The plaque before the steps reads; "Many hands created this mosaic, which pays homage to loved ones and the spirit of community. Golden Gate Heights neighbors and friends wish you a pleasant walk" It was completed in August 2005. It is amazing.

Once I got to the top of steps, there is another set of steps.  These steps are built into the hillside; dirty and dusty. No pretty tiles, but a pretty sweet view.

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