Saturday, February 18, 2012

Botanical Tiles - Envelope #6

Ann Chamberlain created the Botanical Tiles project at UCSF Medical Center at MT Zion's Healing Garden.  Here the barren walls of the Women's Cancer Treatment Center are replaced with stories of loss, hope, perseverance, love and life. Ann came up with the idea while she was receiving treatment... A way of bringing the life of the garden onto the center's sterile walls.  Tiles are made with a plant impression and a patient's (or a surviving family member's) personal story. 

Reading these people's struggles is difficult.  But not as difficult as seeing a frail woman being carried by her husband into the center for treatment. Struggling to not fall over, she mutters, "I am not drunk. I am not drunk."  My heart is heavy with sadness. I want to help. I don't know how.

With tears in my eyes, I finish up the day's "photo assignment". Lote and I walk back onto the streets hand-in-hand with a deeper appreciation for the life we have right now.