Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lobos Creek - Envelope #3

Lobos Creek is the last free flowing creek in San Francisco.  This envelope was a challenge. I had the fantasy of unsealing each weeks' envelope, hoping into my car and finding my inspiration. I should have  known better. This one required a little bit of advanced planning.

I set out with my very own littlest assistant, Laurel "Bean". I tried to keep the photography to a minimum, as I could tell she just wanted to play and chat with her Mama. 

We never found the creek before my helper got tired. Turns out, it is mostly hidden by a forest canopy and some of it runs underground. The 2 of us had some fun... then I brought my tuckered out girl home.

Lil helper braving the weather

I came back a little more knowledgeable; thanks Google! And like a pot of gold, I found it pouring into the roaring Pacific.

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