Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pier 39- Envelope #8

 In 1989, the Sea Lions started frequenting Pier 39.  Their original home was Seal Rock.  Several months before the Loma Prieta earthquake, they suddenly moved.  It is theorized that the seals feel safer  here.  An effort to refurbish the docks has given the Sea Lions more space and they have since settled in.
The pier has dozens of restaurants, an arcade, an aquarium and shops; but the real attraction is the sea lions.  People stand at the side of the pier to watch the sea lions rest, defend their territory, snap at sea gulls and "ARRRKkkk"...
Once we get our fill of the Sea Lion "show", we explore the Pier shops and restaurants. Stepping onto the board walk, there is a welcomed transition... from the smell sea lions to waffle cones. First stop the carousel.  Little Iris charges the 2 story ride with no fear...  
Next stop the Aquarium by the Bay, also on the Pier...   The aquarium features aquatic life from the SF Bay. Sharks, Bat Rays, Eels, Jelly Fish and the diet of the Sea Lions: squids, octopuses, sardines and anchovvy. The kids love the exhibit the touch exhibits.
Pier 39 reawakens my sense of childhood excitement and curiosity. I feel like I am 10 years old again and at Rye Playland.  In my twenties, I might have despised the commercialized pier, but with now with my 2 small kids; it's a perfect Sunday. 

©  2012 by Hayley Thistlethwaite all rights reserved