Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Palace of Fine Arts - Envelope #2

Envelope # 2 - The Palace of Fine Arts... (Built originally in 1915 for the Panama-Pacific Art Exposition)

Photographically speaking, it can be very intimidating shooting a beautiful or popular landmark.  Millions of feet have trampled the grounds of the Palace of Fine Arts...  I wonder how my perspective could be any different from the photographers before me... Or than the 4 other photographers I spotted this morning...

7:30am, That's early on a Sunday for me.  It's Grey. It's Chilly. There is a lot of bird poop.  As I diligently walk the grounds,  I am hoping some inspiration hits. I try to imagine what it was like back in 1915.  I try to imagine the artwork that was exhibited almost 100 years ago. This structure is epic.  The pieces of art must have been spectacular within.

Crossing paths with another photographer, I scoot by to give him room... and to see what might lie on the inside.  If no real inspiration, maybe just some warmth?

As I start to shoot, the sun starts to peek through the clouds.  I find my inspiration for the day...

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