Friday, January 13, 2012

The Golden Gate - The Gift of Inspiration

Friday the 13th.... It started out to be what seemed like an ordinary day, but turned into an inspirational day.  Kissed my 2 lil' darlings good-bye. After a long work week, I climbed into my car ready to make the commute.  To my surprise, sitting in my center console was a little package of envelopes, wrapped in a bow, with a note.  

The package was from my husband:

The note said "San Francisco is 49 square miles. Contained in these envelopes are 49 of the City's Treasures.  I thought this would be a good way for you to get out and do some photography and discover the city we now call home.  There is enough for one a week for the rest of this year.  Do what ever you need to make a little time each week.  I will watch the kids. I hope this provides some inspiration.  I love you.  XOXO"

The note, the gesture, the inspiration,  my thoughts raced all day.

So it begins ...


The Golden Gate Bridge

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